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We are dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the bearded Silkie bantam
In late 2006 Marilu, Suzanne and I (Carina) met for the first time and realized we had one big thing in common: our big love for Silkies. It was during this time that we were working on breeding the best we could to meet APA and ABA standards. We decided to combine our efforts, experience, and knowledge and work together to achive our goals. Thus, a great partnership and friendship began!
Our ChickEdees
We focus on the bearded silkie bantam in White, Black, Buff, Blue, and Splash varieties.

About Us
We are a hobby farm breeding for our own exhibiton purposes.

From time to time we offer hatching eggs for sale as well as younger or adult birds. Please see our sales page for more information.
Our mission is to breed according to the A.P.A. and A.B.A. Standard of perfection.

Our Birds

ABA Master Exhibitor #404
ABA Master Breeder, White

ASBC Master Exhibitor
ASBC Master Breeder, White

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We Support the
National Poultry Improvement Plan
Our flock is Pullorum Typhoid Clean and Avian Influenza Clean

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