Greater California Show 2007
Fresno, CA (2/24)

Judge: Brian Decker
42 Silkies Shown
14 exhibitors: Suzanne Reichard, Dita Wolanow, Devan Liles, Chad Stephens
Jonathan Tabutol, Feather Acres, Bob ward, Jordan ward, Delaney Carroll,
Rita Martin, virginia Jelinek, Carina Moncrief, Kaylee Moncrief (Chickedee Farm)
Spencer Hopps

Champion Silkie:
White Pullet by Suzanne Reichard
Reserve Silkie:
White Hen by Chickedee Farm

16 Whites Shown
1st Pullet Suzanne Reichard, BB, BV
2nd Pullet Chickedee Farm
3rd Pullet Rita martin
4th Pullet Chickedee Farm
5th Pullet Spencer Hopps

1st Hen Chickedee Farm, RB, RV
2nd Hen Chickedee Farm
3rd Hen Rita Martin
4th Hen Chickedee Farm
5th Hen Chickedee Farm

1st Cockerel Devan Liles
2nd Cockerel Spencer Hopps

1st Cock Rita Martin

3 Blacks Shown
1st Hen Suzanne Reichard BV
2nd Hen Feather Acres, RV

1st Pullet Suzanne Reichard

4 Blues Shown

1st Pullet Virginia Jelinek, BV
2nd Pullet Feather Acres
3rd Pullet Feather Acres

1st Cockerel, Chickedee Farm, RV

4 Buffs Shown
1st Hen Jonathan Tabutol, BV

1st pullet Chickedee Farm, RV
2nd Pullet Chad Stephens
3rd Pullet Chickedee Farm

4 Partridge Shown
1st Hen Chickedee Farm, BV
2nd Hen Chickedee Farm

1st Pullet Feather Acres, RV

1st Cockerel Feather Acres

6 Splash Shown
1st Pullet, Dita Wolanow, BV
2nd Pullet Virginia Jelinek, RV
3rd Pullet Virginia Jelinek
4th Pullet Virginia Jelinek
5th Pullet Feather Acres

1st Cockerel Feather Acres

2 AOV Shown
1st Cockerel Bob Ward, BV (white showgirl)
1st Pullet Bob Ward, BV(white showgirl)

3 White Non-Bearded
1st Pullet, Jordan Ward, BV
2nd Cockerel Delaney Carroll, RV

Pics of Our Trip to Fresno

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