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George, my husband, is my main means of transportation to all my shows. He doesn't claim the glory of any of the chickens. He enjoys going to the shows for the benefit of driving the motorhome. We both enjoy camping at the shows and he enjoys conversing with the people at the shows.
"About Us"

I saw my first silkie in 1962 and swore I would have some when I had the place . In 1972 I bought my first silkies. They were white. My 1st white pullet had 10 babies. All were pullets. This was my start in breeding.

Before 2000, I had raise Dobeman Pinchers and Miniture Pinchers. So I had the experience of understanding genetics from that start. I showed dogs for 15 years in California. I always had silkies as pets but never knew that they were shown.

In 1999 I attended my first chicken shoiw and saw Eric Kutch's birds and I was sold. The following year I acquired a rooster from Eric and started my bloodline with my existing silkies.

In 2001, I was attracted to the black silkies so I purchased a rooster from George Mihalik and began working with this new color variety. I enjoy breeding both colors.

I recently started raising black standard Cochins becasue they are such an outstanding bird due to their size.

to give myself a break from the hard work of the silkies I acquired some Moderns for the fun of showing; however, their personalities have won me over. So now I am focusing on the 3 breeds to show.

My kids love to come and visit to see all the new birds. My son is 36 and my oldest is 40, but they are still kids.

"At Our Farm"

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One of my hobbies for the past 8 years was raising Bearded Iris with my silkie chickens. They enjoy them as much as I do. I planted them around all my chicken yards because I live in a rural area and wanted some color. Most of my iris were pink, red, and blue. Now, I just raise my silkies, cochins and moderns. I don't have the time for flowers at this point.
Iris Plants

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