Welcome to ChickEdee Farm, Murrieta!
John and I are both retired from the airlines. I was a flight attendant, and John was a pilot for Delta Airlines. We worked hard to achieve our ultimate goal. We were fortunate to have been able to purchase 15 acres, and build our dream house and barn between two ancient oak forests. Our horse ranch is Willow Brook Farm, and our silkie farm is, of course, ChickEdee Farm (Murrieta).
"About Us"

We've been breeding & showing paint horses since 1984, and have several APHA Champions to our credit. My first foal is now 23 years old. Her name is "Bunny" and she still thinks she's my baby (well she is). My family has been breeding Quater Horses for years.

We also breed exotic birds, which are made up of Toucans, Turacos, Kookaburras etc. We have approximately 100 exotic softbill birds here at our ranch.

I have had silkies since 1960, and my Mother had them before that. My first silkie was a little hen that a friend found scratching and pecking her way down Sunset Blvd. near Actor's Studio in Hollywood, CA. He had put her in his pigeon coop and didn't know what she was. I fell in love with this adorable little thing, and traded a pea hen (which my brother had given to his girlfriend (now wife) for a present). All the silkies back then were white. Her name was 'Pitula'. Which, of course, led to her husband 'Percy'. Years later, I bought some white silkies from Don Jones. They were gorgeous. Then, of course, all my neighbors had to have them. So I gave them away as pets. It was a good thing, because no one could complain about crowing roosters :0)

I met Carina at a poultry show, and when I walked in I took one look at her gorgeous silkies and decided that I'd better pack up and go home. Well, come to find out, she liked my silkies a lot too. And it has turned into a wonderful friendship. That's why we decided to pool our resources and strive for the best possible silkies that meet the ABA & APA standards of excellence.

"At Our Farm"

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2006 was a very difficult year for us in many ways, but the most significant tragedy of all was losing my Mother.
She lived with
John and I for the last 2 years of her life, and I was so fortunate to have had her with me to the end. My Brother put it so appropriately when he said that she was "The great comforter". She was that and so much more.
In Memory of my Mom 1921 - 2006

Her enthusiasm for life, and her never ending encouragement, compassion, and tenderness will stay with me forever. She was my best friend and I miss her terribly.
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