Bearded Blue/Splash Silkies
My blues have the Andalusian gene. This is a great gene because (when bred correctly) you can hatch blue, black, or splash babies. We have 2 breeding pens. They consist of 1 splash rooster and blue hens and 1 blue rooster and splash hens. This combination will result in blue or splash offspring (0% black). See more pics
Here are our two main boys. "Kenny" our Blue Roo and "Vinny" our splash roo. I just recently acquired "Vinny." He was a surprise gift from my husband Jon. He is awesome! :)   Vinny
We are very happy with the quality of chicks "Kenny" has fathered. In fact, over 90% of his offsprings have perfect toes and heavy foot feathering on all 5 toes.
"Dirks", below, working on hatching babies. "Maria" on the right posing for the camera. :) "Dirks" has won several RV placings and has retired to the breeding pen. (crest has been trimmed so she can see better) Maria
"Jane" (right) after having her crest trimmed and her eyes plucked. "Dolly" (top left)has won BV on almost all shows attended. On the left is "Prince" taking a stroll on the grass.
"Sassy" going for a walk :) "Trish", below, walking towards the food.
"Winnie" (left) drenched after dunking her chest in a pool of water (LOL!)
Beebee & Lilith
"Beebee" & "Lilith" taking care of their four babies. A definition of "true" teamwork.
Blue and Splash babies fathered by "Kenny."
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